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  • Dr.
    Victor H. Fantasia

    Dr. Fantasia has been in active practice in Ontario, since 1984.  Over the years he has received various post-graduate certifications from “Management of Whiplash-related Injuries” to “Qualified Medical Examiner” for the state of California.  He is a member of the Gonstead Clinical Studies Society, the California Chiropractic Associations and a Clinical Science Division Preceptor Faculty member for the Los Angeles College of Chiropractic. Dr. Fantasia has been helping people live pain free since opening his clinic in Ontario California. As a chiropractor with experience, he is committed to promoting health and living a life drug free. Dr. Fantasia is fluent in Spanish.

    Dr. Fantasia's clinical area of expertise is traumatic spinal and disc injuries from vehicular accidents, work related injuries or other trauma.  Dr. Fantasia has advanced post-graduate training and certification in the diagnosis, management and treatment of whiplash injuries through the San Diego Spine Research Institute. He also utilizes the DRX9000 Non-Surgical Spinal Decompression unit to treat herniated discs, bulging discs, spinal stenosis, sciatica, facet syndrome and degenerative disc disease thereby eliminating the need for spinal surgery.

    Dr. Fantasia is trained exclusively in the Gonstead system. Dr. C. S. Gonstead (1898-1978) the 'Miracle Man' of Chiropractic developed the Gonstead Technique. His technique became the Hall Mark for the entire profession. With a background in mechanical engineering, he saw the human spine as an intricate engineering wonder and he studied it every chance he had. His work with thousands of spinal cases, his constant clinical studies of the spine, and his own innate knowledge of how the spine works, explains his ingenuity in finding, identifying and correcting subluxations no one else could. The Gonstead system gives rise to a specific, definite approach, to every segment of the spinal column. The detailed analysis includes instrumentation, digital palpation, motion palpation, x-ray analysis, followed by adjusting the articulations of the spine by hand only! There is a clinical logic to every decision that is made for each and every patient. This ensures that the principles outlined by Dr. Gonstead will be duplicated, the results achieved and satisfied patients will be the mission of United Chiropractic Health Center!

    United Chiropractic Health Center is a full service chiropractic center offering chiropractic treatment, nutritonal counseling, masage therapy, physiotherapy, non-surgical spinal disc decompression and wellness care. Through our services, comprehensive chiropractic care is available to you, your family and friends.  Their injuries &/or condition will be evaluated and if not a chiropractic condition, they will be referred to the proper specialty. This practice has been a chiropractic clinic since 1969.  The center accepts patients ranging from children to grandparents.


    Los Angeles College of Chiropractic, graduate 1982, Magna Cum Laude
    Diplomate of the National Board of Chiropractic Examiners
    Postgraduate training in the diagnosis, correction and case management of spinal injuries/conditions through the Gonstead Clinical Studies Society and The Gonstead Seminars
    Certified Industrial Disability Examiner by International Chiropractic Association of California and the California Chiropractic Association
    Advanced Certification in diagnosis, treatment and management of motor vehicular cervical acceleration/deceleration(CAD) trauma and brain injury traumatology
    Associations & Memberships

    Gonstead Clinical Studies Society
    California Chiropractic Associations 
    Clinical Science Division Preceptor Faculty member for the Los Angeles College of Chiropractic
    Ontario Chamber of Commerce

  • Dr.
    Brandon J. Fantasia

    Dr. Brandon J. Fantasia graduated, with honors, from Southern California University of Health Sciences as a Doctor of Chiropractic; he is licensed by the National Board of Chiropractic Examiners.

    Dr. Brandon realizes that patients are individuals, and as such, need a personalized health care approach. He is committed to helping patients achieve their body’s optimal function and performance through specific chiropractic adjustments.  He may also include other modalities of treatment, from physiotherapy to myofascial release, to the incorporation of acupuncture by our licensed acupuncturist. His focus is on the whole person approach to health.

  • Dr. Erin Vicencio

    Dr. Erin Vicencio is a graduate of Southern California University of Health Sciences in Whittier, CA, where she earned a Master's in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine with Magna Cum Laude; she is licensed to practice in California by the California Acupuncture Board. Dr. Vicencio received her Doctorate in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine from Emperor's College in Santa Monica, CA. In her practice, Dr. Vicencio’s area of focus lies in balancing the body in order for it to better heal itself. With this whole body approach, she has helped to treat (including, but not limited to): musculoskeletal pain, stress, anxiety, hormonal issues, insomnia, and allergies. When receiving treatment from Dr. Vicencio, you can expect a serene environment of compassion, a warm smile, and a gentle, patient-centered treatment.

  • Amber Douglas, CMT

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  • Elaina G.
    General office management, Insurance department and billing

     Insurance billing/Insurance department

  • Kandice H.

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