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5 stars Amber S Featured review

When you're in a lot of pain, you want to make sure you're in good hands. We'll, this is that place. As soon as you walk in you are treated kindly and the staff makes you feel like family. Dr. Fantasia is great at what he does. I couldn't explain the pain I was in and he pinpointed every place on my back and helped. The few times I have had the pleasure of having Dr. Brandon work on me, have been great. I truly thank this whole team for helping me through all of this.

5 stars Judith G Customer since 2014

Excellent Doctor and staff :)

5 stars Jeffrey E Customer since 2014

I have been going to United Chiropractic now for 28 years and can say I have never had a bad experience there. The staff is always professional and their Doctors know exactly how to adjust my back and neck to take away any of my pain.

5 stars Anonymous Verified customer

Came in with my back super tense and hurting , and I left feeling like a new (slightly taller) person and my back has been feeling immensely better since!

5 stars Rodolfo C Customer since 2014

Service always outstanding. Personal family like environment provides direct connect to the items needing attention physically. Easy and comfortable conversation with Doc Senior and Doc Jr in regards to your condition. Staff is outstanding!

5 stars Marta M Customer since 2017

Immediately felt relief after adjustment. Dr. Fantasia is very thorough and his staff helpful and friendly. I highly recommend them.

5 stars Gregory P Customer since 2014

Friendly, thorough, professional. Nothing has changed. Been going here over 30 years.

5 stars Kim F Customer since 2015

There is no adequate way to express the relevance of chiropractic in my physical health. Almost every ailment I have had, has been repaired or improved by Dr. Fantasia. His overall health assessment and excellent care has given me mobility back from varying issues. Traditional medicine has its place, but I have improved by not being medicated for stiffness and pain, and just by proper alignment and adjustments from Dr. Victor Fantasia's excellent skill. So grateful that my sciatic pain, frozen shoulder, low back slumping and other back issues were managed by your experience and skillful work.

4 stars Anonymous Verified customer

Dr. Fantasia is knowledgeable, thorough and pleasant. He seems to genuinely care about his patients. The office staff is friendly and helpful.

5 stars Charlene T Customer since 2014

Went to the ER as advised by family medical dr. Chest pain, and hard to breath, left arm pain, and jaw tightening.
After all the tests they couldn't find anything wrong.
My hubby called our family chiropractor Dr. Fantasia to the rescue!
He took me and within a few minutes of my adjustment I could breathe and the pain was gone.
I praise the Lord for a wonderful caring chiropractor.

5 stars David A Customer since 2016

Dr Fantasia adjusted my neck mid back and lower back, I got total relief, thank you Dr Fantasia.

5 stars Anonymous Verified customer

Great, look forward to feeling better after each visit. Everyone is friendly. Love it.

5 stars Savanah R Customer since 2016

Best service, very friendly, and I always leave feeling great

5 stars Earl P Customer since 2017

Like old fashion doctors of old. Not in a hurry and interested in "You"

5 stars Rosemarie R Customer since 2016

Dr. Fantastic know his stuff!

5 stars Faith G Customer since 2016

Definitely feel the difference after each time I go. Helps me perform better in my active life and every time I go, I get the best sleep. Customer service has always been cheerful. Haven't experienced a long wait. Which I appreciate because I am pretty busy. Oh lace is clean. Dr. Fantasia is extremely informative.
I have been in several car accidents (not my fault), and my body really needs the adjustment.

5 stars Mario M Customer since 2016

Excellent , there is no other Dr like Dr Fantasia and his staff.
I admire their care, knowledge ,and clinical skills . Dr Fantasia is
very thorough and insures that you receive optimum treatment. I highly recommend this clinic . I live far but it's worth the drive .

5 stars Jaime L Customer since 2017

I've seen a chiropractor since 1995. By far the one that has given me the most improvement has been this office. Gonstead method is fantastic. My precious chiropractor was never able to relieve the numbness down my right thigh. After a few visits here I noticed the numbness going away.

5 stars Lyle B Customer since 2014

Always good service and people care about taking the necessary time to help.

5 stars Thomas A Customer since 2014

Dr Fantasia is the best!!

5 stars Sandra M Customer since 2016

Courteous, clean and efficient. All the staff are friendly. The treatments are improving my quality of life! Thank you !

5 stars Edward K Customer since 2014

I have for many years now had nothing but the most positive experiences maintaining my health and vitality through Dr. Fantasia's care.

5 stars Anonymous Verified customer

Always a relaxed and enjoyable experience with the benefit of getting my bones taken care of... this is by far the best chiropractic care!

5 stars Esther D C Customer since 2016

Dr. Fantasia is the best. I was a skeptic and not believing chiropractor can help you. I pulled my back and in one session I felt so much better, I was able to walk straight again. I went for him also for numbness in I'm hands and my neck hurting. In two sessions I was feeling so much better. He is a great doctor. I recommend him 100%

5 stars James P Customer since 2015

The best service and experience ever! My employees brag how helpful and healing they feel after every visit. We have a notice on our employee board recommending this place. My daughter who teaches at Alta Loma High School had a severe fall at school, and after treatment here without after further problems.

5 stars George F Customer since 2016

I was in the area visiting family for the holidays when I developed an annoying lower back problem. upon the referral I received from my longtime chiropractic provider back in Michigan I called the united chiropractic health center in Ontario. Dr Fantasia and his staff treats me like a Lifelong patient and I received instant relief from the adjustment I received. Thank you.

5 stars Gloria D Customer since 2016

Dr Fantasia is a wonderful chiropractor. He has helped me so much already with headaches and my back already. I recently moved to apple valley but it's worth the drive to continue seeing him thank you to all your staff they are all friendly and so helpful.

5 stars Denise M Customer since 2014

Dr. Fantasia and his staff have taken excellent care of me and my family for years! I appreciate that he keeps my back aligned and feeling good.

5 stars Jillian F Customer since 2015

I trust your staff and Dr. F so very much. You have fixed my dizziness and aches. Love your gentle and kind personality!

5 stars Paul O Customer since 2014

In a few short words,,,,,I now have very minimal back pain, and am now able to walk without a limp, thanks to the professionals at United Chiropractic.

5 stars Jeffrey K Customer since 2014

I was having terrible headaches and a burning sensation in my back. After a while, it hurt so bad, I didn't even want to sit down. The headaches were so relentless, it was effecting my moods and I couldn't get any relief. After several trips to my primary doctor and specialists, they all said there was nothing wrong with me. Apparently, it was all in my head. My sister in law recommended I go to United Chiropractic. Within a few days of treatment, my headaches were gone. After about a month, all my symptoms had disappeared. I've been a patient of Dr. Fantasia for several years now. He does a wonderful job and I give him the highest recommendation. He is experienced and knowledgeable in his field...forthright and thorough. He is confident, empathetic, compassionate, and kind. At United Chiropractic, you won't feel like a patient. Dr Fantasia and his staff are personal, respectful and professional. If your one of those people who think chiropractic care isn't or you or a necessity for your overall well-being, go and see Dr. Fantasia. The results may surprise you.

5 stars Blanca M Customer since 2015

I love this chiropractic center! Dr. Fantasia is so welcoming and very good at getting down to your problem. The staff is friendly and very efficient.

5 stars Walter P Customer since 2014

Dr Fantasia is professional and thorough. My back pains have left me and my posture is much better. He and his staff are professional and friendly. I recommend United Chiropractic to my family and friends

5 stars Mariana H Customer since 2014

From the staff, who are always very welcoming and helpful, to Dr. Fantasia, who is simply amazing, there are no complaints to be given.

5 stars Stefani S Customer since 2016

I am so grateful to Dr. Fantasia, I have a multitude of physical symptoms which he has given me some relief from. He takes his time listening, knowing that we know our bodies best. I have gone to many chiropractors, yet have never been to one who practices his profession as he does. I am so grateful for my friend referring me to him! His staff is friendly, compassionate & professional.

5 stars Denise M Customer since 2014

Dr. Fantasia, Michelle & the rest of the staff are amazing! Professional, friendly, and flexible. I first came to Dr. Fantasia almost 10 years ago. I wasn't even well enough to drive, and I almost had to crawl in. He practically works miracles! Since he fixed me up, I've been coming in every month or so for a tune up. Keeping my spine adjusted helps keep the rest of me functioning well. I live about 45 minutes away from united Chiropractic, but I won't even consider going to a chiropractor closer to my house. Dr. Fantasia is the best!!

5 stars Jose S Customer since 2016

Dr Fantasia and his staff have provided me with excellent 5 star service. I walked in approximately 2 months ago complaining of pain to my back/neck after I was rear ended in an automobile accident. After 2 months of therapy I feel 100% better!!!! I can tell Dr Fantasia and his staff all well experienced. I recommend United Chiropractic Health Center to everyone!!!

5 stars Mario M Customer since 2016

As a life coach / psychotherapist, having practiced for over 30 years, thorough assessments are a must for proper treatment. The staff at United Chiropractic Health Center display essential and exemplary clinical skills in chiropractic treatment. Dr. Fantasia is a knowledgeable and caring clinician. As I understand he has been in practice for numerous years which is evidenced by his overall skills in his profession. I highly recommend this center and I plan on being a lifelong patient with periodic visits to maintain optimum health.

5 stars Anonymous Verified customer

Dr. Fantasia and staff are awesome. I showed up one day with no appointment and office was closed. The Dr. actually opened for me and gave me much needed adjusting. Thank you Dr. Fantasia

5 stars Juno K Customer since 2015

Dr. Fantasia runs a great practice. Would recommend to anyone.


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